Connecting Passive Investors to Active Real Estate Sponsors

Our Focus

Why choose Epik to be your partner?

For Investors

Gain unique access to financial education and real estate investment opportunities, combined with detailed risk analysis to increase rates of return.

For Sponsors

Benefit from marketing refinements, strategic business process improvements, & capital raising partnerships. Minimize non-cash generating tasks.

Who is Epik Capital Partners?
Minimize Project Risk to Maximize Investment Returns

Epik Capital Partners' goal is to connect well capitalized investors seeking opportunities secured by real estate to active sponsors in need of funding.

These efforts are possible via our unique, two-pronged approach. First, we provide investor education - from beginners to intermediate to advanced - to create a pipeline of qualified, educated, long-term investors.

Simultaneously, we work with sponsors to identify and analyze real investment opportunities. By leveraging our combined business, management, and financial investment experience, we help greatly minimize project risk while maximizing rates of return.

Our Partners

Benefit from our network of industry veterans

Happy Financials

Financial Planning & Education Services
Free, unique, unbiased financial advice for beginning, intermediate, and advanced investors

CR Diamond Properties

Real estate investment sponsor – visit for more info!
Our goal is to build wealth through varying buy & hold strategies and time frames – targeting 12-100+ unit apartment buildings, and from short term acquisitions, to longer term buy and hold strategies. Our strategy is to buy undervalued properties with the potential for forced appreciation.

JC Property Group Inc.

Real Estate company specializing in investments and advisory services.

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