[Update!] Refinance of 6 Unit Taftsville Property Returns 50% of Original Investor Investment in Less Than (7) Months


C.R. Diamond Properties Successfully Completes Refinance of Taftsville Multifamily Apartment Project – Returns 50% of Original Investor Investment in Less Than (7) Months

Through careful management, Chris McCloy of C.R. Diamond Properties has returned half of every investor’s investment within the first year – without sacrificing any investor’s ownership or equity stake while minimizing risk in the deal.

GREENLAWN, N.Y. — May 4th, 2016 — C.R. Diamond Properties, a New York based Real Estate Investment company, has successfully completed the refinance of their latest apartment acquisition. Just purchased less than 7 months ago, this refinance will recapitalize all of the equity investors by returning 50% of their original investment – while preserving full their equity.

“We’re excited to exceed our investors’ expectations, not just by managing the property properly to maximize returns, but also return half of their investment capital in just a few short months,” exclaims Chris McCloy, Principal of C.R. Diamond Properties. “I am even more enthused at the prospect of greatly exceeding our original conservatively estimated 17% annual return on investors’ funds going forward for the property. Having exceeded a 20% annual return on every real estate deal to date, has not only given me personal satisfaction that my hard work and diligence pays off, but an excellent reputation to my investment partners”.

Unlike other traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, Real Estate offers unique options like refinancing to help investors recover their original investments more quickly. In a refinance, the percentage ownership – or equity – is fully preserved by each investor, as well as other benefits like cash flow, depreciation, and more. At the same time, because the funds are borrowed and coming from a loan, the monies returned to each investor is not considered a taxable event – which is of tremendous benefit to investors in high tax brackets.

“As an equity partner in Chris’s latest deal, I’m absolutely thrilled to see this project perform so well thus far – as Chris has originally promised,” says Steven Cheung, Investor and Founder of Epik Capital Partners. “There’s always risk in any business venture or real estate deal, but very rarely does one find a deal where the returns are commensurate with other traditional investment mediums, yet also have the opportunity to get the bulk of one’s money back in less than a year. Not only does this boost the theoretical returns, but it also helps significantly reduce the total risk incurred. I’m very thankful for Chris and his diligence.”

The terms of the refinance were not disclosed. Funds from refinancing will be distributed in May 2016.

For more information on C.R. Diamond Properties and their latest activities, please visit their website at http://crdiamonproperties.com, or call 631-824-7736. For more information on Epik Capital Partners, please visit their website at http://www.EpikCP.com, or call +1 (866) 888-EPIK.

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About C.R. Diamond Properties, LLC:

Founded in 2011, C.R. Diamond Properties, LLC was started as a prudent way to add the benefits of an LLC to the Real Estate services being provided under Chris McCloy’s personal supervision, and to more easily add a limited number of investors while providing them with additional protections. Although C.R. Diamond Properties has handled both “fix & flip” and “buy and hold” property on Long Island in the past, it is now concentrating on participating in the more profitable arena of out of state Apartment Building purchases. For additional information on C.R. Diamond Properties, LLC, please visit our website at CRDiamondProperties.com or phone us at (631) 824-7736.
About Epik Capital Partners:

Founded in 2015, Epik Capital Partners was started as an informal group with the vision of “Connecting Passive Investors to Active Real Estate Sponsors.” This is accomplished by providing coaching and education to both new and seasoned investors alike, in concert with actively vetting sponsors and deals in fine detail to protect every investor’s interests. To date, Epik Capital Partners has participated as an equity partner in apartment deals totaling 129 units across three states. More information is available at www.epikcp.com or by phone at (844) 888-EPIK.
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